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Turbo Charged Scooter Coated in High Heat Turbine Coating

Our high heat turbine coating is the perfect coating for turbo components. Both mounted outside on motorcycles but especially within engine compartments. But in truth the smaller the turbo and the more heat a turbo system see, the better our high heat turbine coating works. It protects up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Check out this […]

Polished Ceramic Coating Care and Maintenance Tips

How to Care for the Ceramic Polished Aluminum Coating   This is not a maintenance free coating!!! A traditional polished ceramic coating can be washed with regular car wash soaps and detergents to get them clean. Most automotive cleaners are fine to use but usually are not necessary. The coating is chemical resistant and stain […]

Non Coated Parts That Need Ceramic Coating

This is a gallery of parts and products that can benefit from ceramic coating. Ceramic coating can be applied to most metal, and in some cases other kinds of materials as well. This is a list of parts that could benefit from a ceramic coating as well as explanations on how they could benefit and […]

The Top 5 Benefits of a Piston Coating

Pistons face extreme heat in your engine, and with their constant movement they also are prone to friction wear, and other thermal and fatigue breakdowns. While there is no doubt of the importance of the piston in the function of today’s engine, they still are subject to the laws of physics which also include corrosion, […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Powder Coating Wheels Is So Expensive

One of the questions we get about wheels is why are the so expensive to coat. Well a lot of people want to get their wheels coated because they want them to look better or just need a new look. The problem is that is is not was easy as just painting the wheels and […]

Ceramic Coating Turbo Systems Means Your Smart

A lot of people put expensive turbo systems and upgraded exhaust  into their vehicle only to watch them degrade before their eyes because they didn’t do one simple thing. Protect them with a good ceramic coating. You see turbo systems thermal cycle, they get red hot then cool down, then do it over and over […]

If it is Metal we can Most Likely Ceramic Coat It

So what kind of parts can we coat? Well while it is true we carry a large line of industrial coatings that can go on plastic, wood, or other substrates, it is METAL that we specialize in coating. We can coat most metals including aluminum, steel, cast iron or other cast materials, magnesium, titanium, and […]

New High Temp 2000 F Black High Performance Ceramic Coating

Until now we only had a 2000 degree high temperature  in a gun metal or titanium finish. While that finish looks awesome, some wanted to have a black finish in the higher temperature threshold. So guess what, well now we have that option available. This new BLACK high performance ceramic coating comes is a satin […]

Unusual Item Ceramic Coated Work Bench Vise in Polished Aluminum

In our line of work in High Performance Coatings, a lot of people get things ceramic coated that we wonder WHY! Believe me we not question our customers wants we just wonder what for. You see we cant possibly know all the uses for our coatings. Our customers are a lot smarter then we are. […]