Ceramic Coating Turbo Systems Means Your Smart

A lot of people put expensive turbo systems and upgraded exhaust  into their vehicle only to watch them degrade before their eyes because they didn’t do one simple thing. Protect them with a good ceramic coating.

You see turbo systems thermal cycle, they get red hot then cool down, then do it over and over again. After a while metal will become brittle and ruin. Turbo systems also give of a lot of heat into the engine compartment, heat soak into other components in the engine compartment is a problem.  And finally to get the most out of your turbo system you want to keep the heat internal and not allow it to bleed out through the metal, keeping the heat in the pipe allows it to exit in a nice laminar flow thereby increasing performance.

When you are thinking of protecting an expensive turbo system that cost thousands of dollars, a relatively inexpensive ceramic coating job is smart money. An you will come out looking like a genius for several reasons.

  1. The parts are protected from degradation and will last longer.
  2. You will decrease your chances of ruining other parts in the engine compartment.
  3. They will look super cool and people will ask you why your system looks so cools while theirs is rusted.
  4. And finally you will have increased performance because you will have more heat in the system for possible faster spool times.

So if you own a turbo system and are looking to get the most out of it and protect your investment then ceramic coating it is the way to go. We have two coatings that work great on turbo systems our satin black and titanium high heat coatings. So be the smart one in your club or circle of friends, be the one with the advantage, a ceramic coated turbo system.

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