New High Temp 2000 F Black High Performance Ceramic Coating

Until now we only had a 2000 degree high temperature  in a gun metal or titanium finish. While that finish looks awesome, some wanted to have a black finish in the higher temperature threshold. So guess what, well now we have that option available. This new BLACK high performance ceramic coating comes is a satin black finish that not only looks great but performs under the most extreme exhaust gas temperatures.

This coating goes on smooth, leaves a nice finish, and withstands temperatures past 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Look at these great features:

  • Ultra Smooth Finish that gives your exhaust pipes a sleek look.
  • A Deep Rich Satin black finish that retains its finish even under extreme heat.
  • No Discoloration like other black finishes that may turn brown under high heat.
  • Great for Turbo Applications, Racing Headers, and Blacking Out motorcycles.

So whether you have a super charger, twin turbo, high performance diesel motor, or want to “black out” your motorcycle, then this black high performance ceramic coating is the right choice for you. It will withstands the highest of temperatures you can throw at it all the while looking excellent in an elegant satin black finish.

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