Measuring and Masking Parts for Ceramic Coating

Measuring and Masking Parts Follows the Adage Measure Twice and Cut Once

We get a lot of parts sent to us. And we love each and every one and take care of them all through the process. But one of the things that can hold up an order is if items were not measure correctly or if we have questions about how items should be masked for non-coating. By measuring and masking parts correctly the first time your parts can be assured a quick and painless entrance to the burn out process.

Measuring and Masking Parts 1

First Comes the Measuring

When measuring your parts you want to make sure you are measuring bend to bend. Do not fold or bend the tape measure around the bends, just measure to the bend and the rotate the tape measure and measure to the next bend. See the example above. Also measure to the end of the flange not the beginning of it. Proper measuring means we don’t have to call and verify this with you, which may delay your order. This is most important when measuring pipes. It is also important to note the diameter of any piping to insure you get the correct price.

Measuring and Masking Parts 2

When measuring flanges make sure that you go from the longest point to the other longest point. That is the only measurement we really need. Please provide all measurement in inches for simple calculations. A proper measurement of parts will make sure the quote you get over phone or email matches what we receive when we get your parts.

And Then Comes the Masking

When masking parts it is best if you use blue tape like pictured above. Grease pencils can wipe off easily, and post-it notes always fall off. Tape sticks well and makes sure we know where to mask. We will then make sure that no coating is applied to the areas you masked. Keep edges as clean and accurate as you can. If you have any special requests it is best to put a note in the box to verify all masking and measuring before coating. This make sure everything is done right.

Next Comes Coating and Awesome Parts

After the parts are correctly measured, and the masking is perfect the parts are ready to coat. Everything is verified and ready to coat. They are then put into the system where they are burned out, prepped and coated. But that is a story for another day.

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