If it is Metal we can Most Likely Ceramic Coat It

So what kind of parts can we coat? Well while it is true we carry a large line of industrial coatings that can go on plastic, wood, or other substrates, it is METAL that we specialize in coating.

We can coat most metals including aluminum, steel, cast iron or other cast materials, magnesium, titanium, and much more! The only metal we have a hard time with is “pot metal” or the thin metal used in covers. While we can coat it we have to use a different process.

So here are some examples of un-coated parts and some of the coatings we have used to help make the part look better, outperform an un-coated part, and last longer.



As you can see the muffler, cans, or exhaust parts on a Rhino, ATV, or UTV are exposed to the elements. Get them out in the water, sand, and dirt and they can quickly corrode and get damaged. A ceramic coating can do several things, one is to protect the substrate from corrosion, keep the heat in the pipes for better hole shots, and reduce skin temperatures keeping limbs and other components from getting burned.



Snowmobiles see a lot of weather. They are sitting in snow that will eventually melt and sit in the sleds engine compartment. Salt and other corroding chemicals also get in there and can quickly eat holes into your expansion chambers and y-pipes. Especially if you dont clean them at season end you can get a nasty surprise when you take out your sled to get it ready to ride again. Our coating can protect your expansion chambers from the damage of salt and moisture. If you ceramic coat it correctly you can keep the heat in the pipes and surprise your buddies with a quick hole shot if your sled has a turbo. That’s because you will have residual heat in the turbo system and it will be ready to go! And lastly you will reduce under hood temperatures. A lot of our customers have come to us because they were burning up spark plug wires and electrical parts due to the excess heat of their turbo sled.


Grille and Grate

You would be surprised how many grates, grille covers, and other metal products that will sit in fire that we do. At least I am. But it is a good idea, especially if you want the piece to last longer. We have a ceramic coating that will withstand temperatures up to and beyond 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. If you ceramic coat a grate or other metal piece that see high temperatures it will last longer.

Headers2Headers3Turbo Housingpipe-and-housing_2


If you have a turbo system, no matter what the vehicle, you can benefit from our black and titanium line of high performance ceramic coatings. If you ceramic coat turbo parts you will see a decrease in up to 50% in skin temperatures. Parts will not see degradation due to thermal cycling (when turbo parts go red hot then cool over and over again). We already talked about quicker spooling but you will also see an increase in performance due to less thermal tumbling and effective scavenging of exhaust gases out of your exhaust system. I wish we could say the it would make your turbo sound even cooler but unfortunately ceramic coatings just dont do that.

Coatings Discolored Headers

Coatings Headers Coated Overtemped



We do a lot of custom work for hot rodders and racers. Each wants their vehicle, race car, or rod to look its very best. So when headers discolor, get dull gray, or start to rust it reflects badly on the car owner. That is where we come in. We can make those headers shiny again. Our coatings work on Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, and Top Fuel Dragsters to beautify and protect.

So as you can see we coat all kinds of metal with all kinds of powder, ceramic, and industrial coatings. Each coating is unique to the application. But ceramic coatings are best on metal. When you ceramic coat metal you protect it, keep it cool, and increase its life. All good things when you are spending a lot of money on exhaust components.

So what is the craziest part you ever ceramic coated?


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