Polished Ceramic Coating Care and Maintenance Tips

How to Care for the Ceramic Polished Aluminum Coating



This is not a maintenance free coating!!!

A traditional polished ceramic coating can be washed with regular car wash soaps and detergents to get them clean. Most automotive cleaners are fine to use but usually are not necessary. The coating is chemical resistant and stain resistant to most things it will come into contact with.

When covered with mud from the trail you can simply spray off with power washer and wash as normal car parts. An aluminum wheel type polish can be used to shine them up when needed.

If any white corrosion or red rust pops up use a clean microfiber cloth and some aluminum polish to clean the pieces up. Yes ceramics can still corrode because they still have metal in them. Depending on where you live can affect how fast or slow this can happen. Ceramics are designed to protect the underlying metal (substrate) from corroding. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the coating wont start to corrode. This is not a maintenance free coating!!!

If something such as oil, road grime, or anything that gets burnt onto the finish follow these steps to get the stain or residue out. Don’t try to take stains or burnt on residue out in one shot.

STEP 1: Take a mild scotch brite pad (red color) and gently message the area to start lifting the stain off the finish. after messaging area stop and wipe clean of any removed residue.

STEP 2: Take some Aluminum polish and a clean cloth or micro fiber cloth and message the polish into the area. Follow the polishing instructions for the polish being used. Mothers aluminum polish works just fine or other brands such as Meguires is fine. Wipe polish off clean.

Repeat as necessary.

Usually if you Follow this process a few times in a row you can get most stains or burnt on residue off. Some stains or burnt on materials may be too much to remove without damaging the coating so use caution when deep cleaning the coating.

Conclusion: ceramic coating care is not easy so if you are looking for a coating that requires no maintenance then look to our ceramic black, bright silver, or titanium. But if you want the polished ceramic coating and you are a glutton for maintenance and shiny things then this coating just may be for you.

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