The Top 5 Benefits of a Piston Coating

Pistons face extreme heat in your engine, and with their constant movement they also are prone to friction wear, and other thermal and fatigue breakdowns. While there is no doubt of the importance of the piston in the function of today’s engine, they still are subject to the laws of physics which also include corrosion, decay, and fatigue. For this reason a Piston Coating is a good way to prolong the life of the piston and help reduce the damage of metal fatigue and corrosion.

These Top 5 Benefits of a Piston Coating Are:


Thermal barrier coating is offered for the top of pistons and a lubritic dry film coating is offered for skirts. You can do either coating but we always recommend both coatings on every piston.

1. Protection from Hot Spots – when metal gets a hot spot on it, it can enhance the metals ability to fatigue in that one area, it can also cause uneven heated areas allowing for losses in performance.

2. Aids in flame propagation – a thermal barrier coating on the top of the piston will aid in an even burn of fuel across the whole surface and deter the top from coking or developing spots that deter proper flame propagation. The top thermal barrier coating is good to over 1800 degrees Fahrenheit for the top of pistons offering potent protection against thermal breakdown.

3. Friction Side Coatings – are important to maintain radial tension in the rings. By protecting the rings and decreasing friction on cylinder walls will help decrease heat thereby helping increase the life of the piston and its rings. A side coating on the piston walls is usually a solid dry film or a slick coating that is self sacrificing so tolerance specifics are not affected. Side coatings have been shown to last in more than several passes even in the most demanding High Performance Dragsters. A solid dry film coating aides in the scavenging process to push heat out of the combustion chamber making for a more efficient combustion process.

4. Developed for High Performance and New Engine Builds – high performance motors can benefit from new pistons, but by not coating them you are not protecting your expensive investment from premature wear and perhaps engine failure. When doing a new engine build you should always look at coating internal engine parts to help in the break in process of your new motor. A good Piston Coating has been shown to last through mechanical failures caused by un-coated parts or on an over temped engine.

5. Prolongs the life of Pistons – engine parts need to last as long as they possibly can. Tearing down a motor or replacing one entirely can be very expensive. A preventative coating can help increase the life of internal engine components. In turn this can prolong the life of the motor, especially in high performance applications. If you can prevent an engine breakdown with coated parts then you should always consider a piston coating as part of any high performance engine application.

A good Piston Coating is great for new engine builds, for high performance applications, or for regular motor builds. A coating offers reliable lasting protection on high performance applications like diesel trucks with high performance turbos, drag racing motors, and all racing applications. This coating is popular on snowmobile sled, all terrain vehicles, and motorcycle builds. A good Piston Coating can protect this vital part and allow for better combustion, less heat and friction, and valuable part protection.


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