Top 5 Reasons Why Powder Coating Wheels Is So Expensive

One of the questions we get about wheels is why are the so expensive to coat. Well a lot of people want to get their wheels coated because they want them to look better or just need a new look. The problem is that is is not was easy as just painting the wheels and voila everything is rainbows and butterflies. So before you decide to powder coat your wheels or Plastidip them or coat them for any other reasons you should read this article.

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So here are the top 5 reasons that Powder Coating wheels can be expensive:

NUMBER 1they are not easy to handle –  today’s wheels are big and bulky and not easily moved around. Couple that with the expense of some rims, special care needs to be taken when coating wheels. Bigger rims can be in 18 inches to 20 inches and larger. These have the ability to need to be hung on special hooks on big racks, and handled one at a time. So remember just because someone else will be doing the work, it doesn’t mean that moving those wheels around is easy.

NUMBER 2preparation is the key – just because somebody says they can powder coat wheels doesn’t mean they can do a good job. You see to get a good powder coating or other coating job the surface needs to be prepped. First the metal needs to be determined, you see steel and aluminum wheels react differently to prep and will determine how a good coating shop will handle the rims. First all non-metal parts need to be removed. Then a burn out of the wheels should be done to remove all oils and other residues from the wheel. If you do not do this you can get a pitting when residues cause out gassing and can put the coating. Second you will need to sand blast or etch the rims to make sure the coating adheres properly. Then depending on the metal the wheels need to be heated in an oven at the right temperature.

NUMBER 3the trick is a good primer – A good primer is a must on any wheel set that is powder coated. You see if the shell of the powder coating is compromised you can corrode the metal underneath. A primer protects steel rims if the integrity of the outer coating is compromised. We put a primer on every wheel we coat for an extra protective coating.

NUMBER 4not all powder coating is the same – most people get black powder coated on their rims and many companies will bring the wheels in and quickly etch them and powder coat them and charge 100 bucks a wheel or more. What happens is that one rock chip, scratch, or scrape and the coating on the wheel is toast. All that money wasted and this can happen in a few days. So pay a little more for a quality powder coating job and they will last a long time. A good quality powder coating job will cost more. You can get multiple coats, top protective coats, and special textures. Dont just settle for cheap black, upgrade to better value in powder coating materials.

NUMBER 5maintenance is a great preventative measure – once you get your wheels coated you need to make sure that you take care of them. Keep them clean. If you get a serious scratch, chip, or dent make sure that you don’t have any bare metal showing. A little care and maintenance will go along way into making your coating job last.

Next time you want your wheels coated make sure you choose a coating that will last, as well as make your wheels last. You can pay less up front and more in the long run or pay for a quality job up front and get a coating that will last.


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