Heat Dissipation Coating to Dissipate or Transfer Heat

HPCUtah Black Body ceramic is a heat dissipation coating that is designed to transfer heat away from the component/substrates it’s applied to. Its appearance is more gun metal looking than black. This coating increases thermal transfer on components/substrates up to 35-40% over non coated components/substrates.

By removing this heat you improve inefficiencies and give the component increased protection and longevity. This thermal conductive coating is ceramic bonded and helps prevent corrosion from solvents and chemicals that may come into contact with the coating.

This coating works great on transmission cases, gear cases, oil coolers, radiators, alternator housings, and more. Rukse Black Body works best when the components that are coated see free flowing air. By increasing the thermal transfer on certain components you lower the operating temperatures and in turn create efficiency and performance gains. When less heat is present the better components perform. This coating can be applied to new and most used parts. This coating is used to increase performance efficiency on components that need to bleed off heat rapidly during use.

Rukse Black Body Recommended Applications:

Radiators – Alternator Housings – Oil Coolers – Transmission Coolers – Air Conditioning Condensers – Heat Exchanges – Transmission Cases – Differentials – Brake Drums – Cases that hold Critical Power Supplies – Heat Sinks – and other parts, components, or equipment that need to dissipate heat.

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