Internal Engine Coatings Helps Protect Engine Parts

Lubritic Coatings: HPCUtah internal engine coatings are used extensively for high horsepower applications, small power-sports motors, and in new engine builds. The most important purpose of this coating is to create a surface that is protected against galling and other damage associated with metal to metal contact points. Taking away these contact points by coating one surface or both reduces damaging friction and heat which can cost you valuable horse power.

This coating is designed to remove that friction and heat, increase component life for all contact surfaces, and increase power or movement on whatever it is applied to.

High Performance Coatings of Utah coats pistons and engine bearings on Top Fuel Dragsters with this coating to reduce friction and wear in a high horsepower atmosphere. The coating itself becomes part of the component that is coated. There is also no need to change tolerances with this coating because of how thin it is. This internal coating is a must have for any engine builder. If you are a drag racer and the motor is torn apart every time it goes down the track this coating is critical protection. If you are a performance shop that restores cars, rebuilds engines, or builds high performance engines this coating is ideal. This coating is great for piston skirts, bearings, springs, valve stems, engine chambers, etc.

Thermal Barrier Coatings: HPCUtah thermal barrier coating is also used in high horsepower applications and new engine builds. Rukse coats the tops of its pistons in a thermal barrier coating to complete the overall piston protection in the motor. It is highly recommended that you do the tops of the pistons in a thermal barrier if you are getting the skirts done. The Thermal barrier on the top of the piston protects the piston from the environment that it is in… An explosive environment! The coating protects the piston itself from hot spots, and protects the rings from seeing a high amount of heat which reduces radial tension loss. Another plus is the coating increases flame propagation on pistons.

Valves are another popular component to coat in a thermal barrier. We coat the faces of the valves to protect them from heat in the combustion chamber. The coating also helps to push the heat out with the exhaust which allows for less heat soak of the valves and attached components. We also offer coating the seated area of the exhaust valves. If we coat this area you will need to re-seat the valve. Another component we coat in a motor with a thermal barrier is the heads themselves. We can coat the combustion chamber as well as the exhaust ports to help protect the components from heat and to reduce heat soak of components in the motor. Piston tops, valves, combustion chambers, and exhaust ports complete the thermal barrier package in any motor that needs to reduce heat and increase power.

Bearings are a critical wear component in your engine. We coat new bearings only and have shown to reduce wear on bearings up to 8x their normal wear/duty cycle. Top Fuel Dragster have tested our coated bearings and have had enhanced performance and longer duty cycles. If it can work in their engines imagine what it will do for you!

Recommended Applications:

Piston Skirts – Cylinder Walls – Bearings (new only) – Camshafts and Crankshafts Lobes – Valve Stems – Valve Springs – Inside of Valve Covers – Inside of Transmission and Oil Pans – Inside of Differential Covers – Diesel gas pathways (egr) – Inside of Diesel Intake Manifolds – Inside of Diesel Rocker Boxes – other parts that need to reduce friction or shed oil.

Piston Tops – Valves Faces – Cylinder Walls – Exhaust Ports – External Coating for Differential Covers, Intake Manifolds, Valve Covers, and Oil/Transmission Pans – Heat Shields – other parts that need a thermal barrier.

Let us coat your parts with the very finest in ceramic coatings. Sponsorship’s, race team discounts, dealer pricing, and referral programs are available.

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