Polished Aluminum Ceramic Coating Photo Gallery

See great examples of cool vehicles that have headers, exhaust components, and other items that are coated in polished aluminum ceramic coating. There are a lot of uses for this coating and this gallery should give you some great ideas. The polished aluminum coating is a tough coating that requires a difficult adhesion and polishing […]

How To Break In New Ceramic Coated Headers

So you want to get your headers ceramic coated to protect them  from the elements, have them run cooler, and gain extra performance. Well before you do this you must make sure you correctly break them in. Below are some tips on how to install your headers for the first time. After installing the new […]

5 Things Damaging Your Expensive Headers and Turbo Exhaust

So you just spent thousands of dollars on a new exhaust header or turbo system and even more time and money installing it. This is a good investment because exhaust and turbo systems give you superior horsepower gains over most other aftermarket upgrades. If you have ever installed headers on a car or a turbo […]

Heat Wraps are Ruining your Expensive Headers

People are always looking for a good way to reduce under hood temperatures and maybe gain a little performance under the hood with their exhaust.  One popular way to control heat is to use a header wrap.  Another way is to ceramic coat your exhaust.  There is definitely a right and wrong way to reduce […]

Common Ceramic Coating Terms and Definitions

This is ceramic coating 101. Some ceramic coating terms and definitions to help you learn more about ceramic coatings. Annealing – refers to the changes made in a substrate after it is heated to or above its critical temperature.  For the coating world this means a reduction in the strength of substrate material. This process typically […]

How Ceramic Coatings are Applied and Maintenance Requirements

If you ever wondered how ceramic coatings were applied and how to care for them then read on… Here at HPCUtah the high performance coatings leader in Utah we apply only the finest performance enhancing ceramic coatings. The process of applying your coatings is a very difficult and demanding process. Many customers ask us what […]

Hello…while we build a new site…

Visit our old site to get a feel for what we do. We’ll be building this new site as fast as we can. So HELLO and if you have reached this page know that our site is doing fine and is up and running for your viewing pleasure. If you have coatings questions please don’t […]

HPC Utah

Welcome to Rukse High Performance Coatings of Utah or HPC Utah! Rukse High Performance Coatings of Utah (HPC Utah) applies substrate protection preventing heat damage, friction break down, corrosion, and thermal fatigue on your parts. We apply ceramic high temperature coatings on turbo systems, exhaust components, and engine parts for the automotive, racing, restoration, Jeep […]

Industrial Substrate Protection

Industrial Coatings Provide Durable Solutions to any Problem and Substrate Protection. Industrial Coatings: Industrial Strength Durable Coatings in PTFE (Teflon®), PFA, FEP, Halar® and Tefzel® and are used for there release properties, to provide a low coefficient of friction, to allow for chemical inertness, and give a wider heat range. This is substrate protection at its […]