Over-Temped Parts – Avoid this with a Ceramic Coating from HPCUtah

Here at HPCUtah we know that not all ceramic coating is the same. You see we get a lot of customers who come in and what the shiny look for their headers or other parts. Then we have to go through the discovery process of finding out what kind of vehicle they have and try and match the right ceramic coating to the job. You see for a highly aspirated racing vehicle our polished aluminum ceramic coating will not work. The exhaust gas temperatures will get to high, and the headers will get over-temped (exceed the maximum temperature of the metal) and the coating becomes not as useful.

You see metal can get very hot, especially at the corners, bends, and tight radius’s. So if you are thinking of getting the right ceramic coating for your application then give us a call here at HPC Utah and we can make sure your ceramic coating is perfect for your application. The polished aluminum coating becomes a dull grey instead of a shiny finish, the black ceramic coating turns brown or dull, and even the high heat titanium can get dull and white.

Here are some examples of over-temped headers and other exhaust parts.

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