Powder Coating in Over 1000 Custom Colors

HPCUtah Powder Coatings applied right here in Utah are extensively used in the automotive and off-road industry. Powder coating can be used to protect, and beautify almost anything you put it on. We currently use powder coating for off-road vehicle chassis, custom cars/trucks, ATV & Motorcycle body parts, and a wide range of components used in the automotive and off-road industry.

Powder coating is perfect for rims, outdoor furniture, car and motorcycle frames, bumpers, valve covers, suspension parts, and more. We apply a zinc primer to all of our powder coating jobs, We are not the cheapest option for powder coating but our product lasts longer and looks better.

Coating Quick Facts:

Material: thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer
Finish: Smooth
Heat Tolerance: 100 to 400 Degrees Max
Maintenance Level: Low, requires cleaning as needed.
Impact Resistance: medium, withstands several abrasive substances.
Discoloration: Color may turn a dull due to UV or peel or crack under stress.

We have the ability to do car frames, ATV Motorcycle frames, Roll Cages, etc. There is no job to big for our ovens. If you are looking for a specific color we are sure we can find the perfect color match for your project. We don’t recommend powder coating for exhaust components or anything that sees a high amount of heat. For high heat applications you should use ceramic coatings. You can also put a protective layer of Rukse Clear Coat over the top of the powder coated finish to protect it from the sun and any damaging weather conditions.

Recommended Applications:

Decorative finishes on any metal finish, Lawn and Garden items, Railings, Panels, and other products. Automotive Accessories, Valve Covers, Wheels and Rims, Covers, Air Intakes, Custom Parts, and other Metal Components. ATV/Motorcycle Frames, Covers, Bumpers, and other Chassis and Frame Products. Quads and Dune Buggies frames, Suspension Components and other off road vehicle parts. Custom Color choices for Show Cars and Trucks, thousands of colors available.

Let us coat your parts with the very finest in ceramic coatings. Sponsorship’s are available.

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