Satin Black Ceramic Finish Heat Tolerance 1600 Degrees

The Rukse satin black high performance ceramic coating is a semi gloss black ceramic metallic coating applied in our state of the art facility in Utah. This coating is perfect for blacking out your motorcycle exhaust pipes, turbo exhaust and headers, or high performance racing headers.

Rukse Black is formulated to withstand temperatures up to 1600°F and can reduce skin temps on pipes up to 35%.

Coating Quick Facts:

Material: Satin Black Ceramic Metallic
Finish: Black Texture
Heat Tolerance: 1600 Degrees Max
Maintenance Level: Medium, requires cleaning. Don’t let water dry on them when pipes are hot.
Impact Resistance: Low, withstands a few abrasive substances.
Discoloration: Color may turn brown at sustained temperatures over 1600 degrees.

Our Black ceramic coating prevents rust, corrosion, oxidation, and thermal fatigue which ruin and weaken metal components.  This coating will also lower under hood temperatures helping prevent heat soak of parts by keeping the heat inside the exhaust pipe. This is the perfect coating for motorcycle owners who want to black out their motorcycle. It works perfectly for turbo headers and exhaust parts protecting them during thermal cycling which can degrade turbo components over time.

Our Black ceramic coating comes highly recommended for high horsepower applications such as a turbo or supercharger. It can increase performance on components in high performance applications. Rukse Black is highly recommended for appearance, functionality, and performance. It is by far our most popular performance coating we offer and is the most used by racers, vehicle restoration projects, and classic car owners. It is perfect for blacking out any exhaust or part on a motorcycle or car. Rukse Black works great on all naturally aspirated and fuel injected applications. It can be applied to both new and used components.

Rukse Black Recommended Applications:

Motorcycle, ATV, Rhino, Side by Side, other Power Sports Exhaust Pipes and other Components – Diesel Turbo Housings, Diesel Manifolds, Diesel Piping, – Turbo Housings – Turbo Headers and Turbo Parts – Racing Headers and Exhaust Components – Hot Rod and Muscle Car Headers – Brackets, Rims, and Other Parts – Works on any Steel or Aluminum Substrate and much more.

Just How Durable is the Satin Black Coating…

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