Strong and Durable Coatings for Industrial Specific Applications

HPCUtah Industrial strong and durable coatings are built to solve problems. We look to solve issues that help improve products, processes, and design. Our engineering team can help design a coating to meet critical specifications, increase life cycles, and reduce costs.

Each coating is designed for a specific application. We can apply specific industrial coatings such as Halar and perform processes like anodic protection, plasma coatings, and plating.

Please give us a call at 801-872-7976 to develop a coating application quote just for you.

HPCUtah Industrial Coating Recommended Solutions:

Heat Management – Diesel Generators, Diesel Power Plants, Manufacturing Exhaust Equipment, Large Heat Shields, weapons and ammunition, and other parts, components, and equipment that need to be protected from heat.

Corrosive Environments – External Cooling Equipment, Outdoor Diesel Power Plants, Outdoor Electrical Generation Equipment, Outdoor Fans, Railing, Metal Decor, Steel Beams, and other parts, components, and equipment that need to be protected from corrosion.

Friction Reduction – Large Diesel Pistons, Manufacturing Equipment for Quick Release, Rollers, Cutters, Moving Parts, and other components, parts, and equipment that needs to be protected from friction.

Substrate Protection – Halar, polymers, plastics, teflon and more protect outer and inner substrates from abrasion, corrosion, and more.